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How to Optimize Your Cloudinary Images Automatically


I've recently started using Cloudinary for generating Open Graph Images.

When I was trying to optimize the process, I learned about automatically setting file format and quality from Colby Fayock

Just by configuring it properly, I was able to reduce my image file size ~80% which results in less bandwidth consumption and faster image loading.

Here is how to do it.

Just append q_auto and f_auto in your Cloudinary public URL right after .../image/upload/q_auto,f_auto/

  • q_auto: Automatic quality selection without compromising the visuals of the image
  • f_auto: It deliver the most optimized format that's supported by the user's browser.

For example like this:,f_auto/q_auto,f_auto/sample.jpg

I've even tried it for one of my favourite site that uses Cloudinary and able to see significant difference in file size.

Happy Optimized Images!