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Netlify + Pushover: Get Real-time Push Notification for Your Builds


Ever wondered to get a real-time push notification for Netlify builds? So that you can avoid going to Netlify Dashboard just to check the status of the build and patiently waiting for it to be completed?

Well, that's where Netlify Pushover Notification comes in.

With this Netlify Build Plugin, we can instantly set up push notifications for your build using

Once it is configured, you can get a real-time notification to your devices (Android, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop) on build success/error.

Let's get started

Install the "Pushover Notification plugin" in Netlify

Install Pushover Notification plugin to your site.

And now, you'll need to configure your PUSHOVER_USER_KEY and PUSHOVER_API_TOKEN in it.

To get the user key, log in to your account. And as soon as you log in you should be able to find your User Key in your dashboard.

Similarly, to get your API key you need to select your application or create a new one. In my case, I'm going to configure it to my app (Ashik's Assistant)

And once that it's done. You will be redirected to a dashboard like this.

That's pretty much it.

Going forward. You'll be receiving build success or failure push notifications on your devices.

Quick Demo


I've built this Netlify Build Plugin that we've used in the post.

You can check out its implementation at GitHub

I plan on adding a couple more features and improving this plugin in the upcoming months.

What do you think about this approach? Do you have any suggestions or feature requests for this plugin? Let me know in the comments below :)

And a little heads up! Pushover is not free. But for $5 USD one-time purchase it's definitely worth every cent.

Happy Build Notifications!