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How to listen to any SMS and forward it with MacroDroid


There are some cases in which you want to listen to incoming SMS and perform some action on your Android device.

For example, you might want to forward the OTP that you receive on your mobile to your parents so that they can make any online transaction or you're building your own finance app based on the SMS that you receive in your bank accounts.

For things like that, MacroDroid is a good choice.

With MacroDroid, you build that workflow almost instantly.

So what is MacroDroid?

It's a super-simple Android app that you can use to automate your workflow. You can think of it like an IFTTT or Zapier but as a simple yet powerful Android app.

Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Create a new trigger

  1. Create a new trigger and select SMS Recieved under "Call/SMS"
  2. Now, select the option depending our your choice. In my case, I want to listen to SMS from any number so, I'll be choosing the Any Number option
  3. And then, configure it based on your condition and preference.

Step 2: Create an action

Based on your use case, create an action. In my case, I want to forward a particular SMS to a particular number.

That's pretty much it.

Happy automating SMS 🕒