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How to listen to notifications from any app in MacroDroid


For one of my side projects, I've got to forward all the incoming notifications from any app to a webhook endpoint.

Initially, I thought to build an Android app specific to that. However, after playing around with MacroDroid I was able to get it done almost instantly.

So what is MacroDroid?

It's a super-simple Android app that you can use to automate your workflow. You can think of it like an IFTTT or Zapier but as a simple yet powerful Android app.

Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Create a new trigger

  1. Create a new trigger and select Notification under "Device Events"
  2. Now, select Notification Recieved option
  3. Then, depending upon your choice, select either Select Application(s) or Any Application
  4. And then, configure it based on your condition and preference.

Step 2: Mapping the variable

With Set Variable under action, we can assign the fields that we want to send to the webhook.

Step 3: Make the HTTP Request (or whatever you want)

Once the variables are assigned, you need to send those variables as a payload to the API endpoint or webhooks (or whatever you want)

That's pretty much it.

Happy automating droid 🕒