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How to detect AI based content with GPTZero


These days ChatGPT is pretty much everywhere whether it's general chat with your teammates, YouTube videos, news, blog posts, Reddit, etc.

And there is a lot of AI-generated content started getting flooded everywhere on the internet. (And also for homework:P)

It's fine to use it as an outline. But I've noticed many blog posts with 100% content generated from them which to defeat the purpose of writing the blog post in the first place.

And I believe, sooner or later search engines might catch up and might penalize such content.

I recently came across GPTZero

With its help of it, you can pretty easily detect whether the content is written by a human or an AI. They've their algorithm to figure out based on patterns and lots of data on their end.

The best part is you can use this without even signing up ⚡

Does it work as expected?

It worked pretty decently when I tried it. However, we can't rely on it for anything critical as it can have false postives and it can be bypassed as well

Want to learn how it works behind the scene?

GPTZero is not open source. But someone has reverse-engineered GPTZero and made it open source from which we can learn its the internals.

Happy detect AI-contents!