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Cusdis: Simple Comment System for Your Static Blogs


If you have a static website/blog but want to have a comment system then Cusdis might be a good choice for you.

It's Lightweight and privacy-friendly.

And best of all, it's open source. You can host it yourself if you want.


Here's the TLDR of what you get from them.

  • Email Notification
  • Webhook
  • Approve/Reply without login
  • You need to manually approve the comment before it shows up on your website/blog
  • Lightweight SDK that you can embed into your website

What do I don't like about it?

  • Currently, it doesn't have Export feature.
  • In terms of UI, it's not customizable.

However, you can self-host it and customize it to however you want and own your data :)

How to get started?

After creating an account. Just create a new account

And once you are on the dashboard. Create New Website (the button is on the sidebar on the left side)

Then copy the snippet and paste it into your website. Make sure to configure the page id, URL, and title in the embed so that the comment system works as expected.

And once that is configured, you should be able to see a comment system in your blog like this

And you also get a fancy dashboard where you can approve and reply to Comments

Integrating with React SDK

You can use their React SDK to easily integrate with your site or blog.

Install the package by running the following command

npm i react-cusdis
import { ReactCusdis } from 'react-cusdis'

function App() {
  return (
          host: '',
          appId: 'APP_ID',
          pageId: 'PAGE_ID',
          pageTitle: 'PAGE_TITLE',
          pageUrl: 'PAGE_URL'


How to self-host it?

I found this really good video by Marc where he talks about Cusdis in detail, tech stack, and architecture and then self-hosts it on Vercel.

Happy simple comments!