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How to show Geo Specific Content in WordPress Divi Theme


We recently talked about showing Geo Location Specific Content in WordPress

Today let's continue that and see how to implement that in Divi Theme


Follow the blog post and set your custom filters

For example, in that post, we've created a custom filter that will check if the visitor is from the US region.

And invoking apply_filters('is_us_region',null) would return true or false depending on the visitor's IP.

Similarly, you can create a custom filter depending on your use cases.

Geo-Specific Content for Divi

We'll be using Content Visibility for Divi Builder to display content based on custom conditions.

It adds a Content Visibility field in Divi Builder in which we can invoke our custom function. And if our custom function returns true then only the block will be displayed.

For example:

// US Region
// Other Regions

Happy Geo-specific content!