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Watching for Object and Array Changes in JavaScript


Sometimes you might want to watch changes to your object or array and do some operations depending on what's changed.

For such cases, on-change by Sindre Sorhus might be a good choice for us.

This package uses Proxy API under the hood to watch for the changes. I even watch deep properties like = true or even with an array like object.a.b[0].c = true


npm install on-change


// Based on on-change's README example
import onChange from 'on-change';

const object = {
	a: {
		foo: false,
		b: [
				c: false

const watchedObject = onChange(object, function (path, value, previousValue) {
	console.log('path:', path);
	console.log('value:', value);
	console.log('previousValue:', previousValue);
}); = true

value: true
previousValue: false

Check out their docs for more snippets and details about its configuration.

Happy watching Objects!