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Trash CLI - A Safer Alternative to "rm" to Delete files


rm command is quite dangerous. If you delete something then it's gone forever.

And if you've deleted something accidentally then there is no chance of recovering it (at least easily)

That's where Trash CLI comes in.

With its help of it, we

Like UNIX philosophy, "Do one thing, do it well"

It does one thing (deleting files/directories) and does it well (move it trash instant of permanent delete)

How to install?

It is currently available only for MacOS, if you're on Windows trash-cli seems to be a good alternative.

In MacOS, you can install this easily with brew

brew install trash

With that you can use trash CLI in your machine

And now, you can use trash command instead of rm. It has the same API as that of rm

Setting alias for rm

trash can be a drop-in replacement for rm because it has a similar API.

In your bash/zsh profile, you can set an alias like this

if exists trash; then
  alias rm='trash'

Happy safe deletes!