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Track all your domains in single Dashboard with DomainWatchman


At one point or another, it'll get overwhelming to keep track of all your domains especially if you use different domain registrars

Recently, one of my important domain got expired because of a billing issue and I didn't notice it before it has been moved to pendingDelete domain status. And it's very painful to get it restored for a reasonable price (if possible)

Wouldn't it be nice if we can track all our domains in a single place?

That's where DomainWatchman comes in.

It helps you to monitor various things like domain expiration, status change, name server update, etc. All in a single dashboard.

And also, you can get notified via various channels like Slack, email, Telegram, and Discord.

In terms of pricing, their free plan has 20 domains which should be more than enough for personal usage.

Happy watching domains!