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Remap your Caps lock to Hyperkey (^⌥⌘⇧) for better Shortcuts


Most of us rarely use Caps lock anymore. So why not use it and make it more usable by turning that into hyper key and using it for the shortcuts that you use day to day without any conflicts?

What is hyper key?

It's the combination of all four modifiers (Ctrl + Option + Command + Shift)

And almost all the time, you won't have any conflicts with any existing shortcuts if you decided to use the hyperkey for your shortcuts.

In my case, I'm using Hyperkey based shortcuts for my day to day workflow 👇

ShortcutFor What?App
Hyperkey + CCapture ScreenshotCleanShot X
Hyperkey + VRecord ScreenCleanShot X
Hyperkey + TOCRCleanShot X
Hyperkey + LLast Taken Screenshot/ScreencastCleanShot X
Hyperkey + GOpenAI GPT3Raycast Extension
Hyperkey + EEmoji PickerRaycast Feature
Hyperkey + PColor PickerRaycast Extension
Hyperkey + MMenubar PickerBartender

Let's get started ⚡

These days I'm using

It is completely free now.

Setting that up is straightforward as well.

Just install the app, give permission for the first time and then configure it. It'll take care of rest.

Once you've configured the hyperkey, you can now use Caps lock (hyperkey) + your key while setting shortcuts in any of the apps.

And if you're looking for open source alternative, Karabiner-Elements

Happy hyper key!