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Get Any Previously Copied Clipboard Text in Raycast Snippets


Raycast is one of the most popular launchers for MacOS which is packed with so many features like a clipboard, emoji selector, custom extensions and much more without compromising its speed.

It got me to move away from good old Alfred laucher as soon as I tried it.

Instead of using multiple apps, you get almost everything in a single part. And the best part is most of them are pretty much free.

Today, let's see how to use their Raycast Snippets effectively using Dynamic Placeholders

What are Dynamic Placeholders?

As the name suggests they are used to insert dynamic values in the Snippet. For example, {clipboard} will insert the last copied text.

How to get Any Previous Clipboard Text?

Well, that's simple. Just add offset into it.

Like for example, if you want to get the second last copied text we just need to add an offset like this {clipboard offset=1} in the snippet.

Note: Make sure that you've enabled the "Clipboard History" feature in Raycast else the offset feature will not work.

Happy copy-pasting texts!