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PiStats: A lightweight macOS app to monitor your PiHole


Pi-hole is a Linux network-level Ad blocker app that you can install on your server/NAS or even on a device like Raspberry Pi.

Once you've installed and configured it (adding ad block lists, etc) you can use it as sort of like a DNS for any of your devices. You can even configure it at the router level so that you don't even need to change DNS for every single device.

It has a web based dashboard using which you can configure any operation. It also has support for API as well.

Pi Stats is one such app for macOS.

Using this you can keep an eye on your Pi-hole app and also perform operations like temporarily allowing ads right from your menubar itself.

And it is open-source as well.

Setting up is actually straight forward. You just need to configure your Pi-hole IP address/domain and port (like and also your API key for authentication.

As for installation, you can download it from Gumroad for free or buy it from App Store to support the developer

Happy blocking ads!