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OpenCommit: Write better commit messages in seconds with AI


We all know that writing meaningful commit messages is very useful especially when many people are working on the same project.

It is time-consuming and consumes mental effort every time we write one.

Ever wanted it to be automated? As-in it writes its commit messages based on the changes that you've done.

That's where OpenCommit comes in.

All you've to do is install the CLI, config your OpenAI key, and run that CLI. That's pretty much it.


npm install -g opencommit

Get your OpenAI API key and configure it.

# It'll save your key at ~/.opencommit
opencommit config set OCO_OPENAI_API_KEY=<your_api_key>

Auto Generating Commit Message

It's pretty straightforward as well. Make sure you've stagged the file changes (git add)


Happy auto-generating commits!