Published on - A Playground for GPT-4 and other models


I wanted to try out GPT-4 since its launch. Unfortunately, it's still not public yet and I don't have ChatGPT Pro to play with it as well.

Then I came across this really good web app by by Nat Friedman using which you can play around with so many models for free.

You can select the model that you want and its configuration

I think Nat has made this available to everyone free of charge as a kind gesture :)

The UI of is not as good as other tools but hey, it's free and it gets its job really well.

And yeah, GPT-4 was so good 🔥

Update - 1/03/2023

Seems like it is not free anymore. A small fee is required to use any model and you can't use your OpenAPI key as well.

If you're on MacOS, you can try out Raycast AI instead which offer free GPT-4 during beta period

Happy playing-with models