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Instantly Cache Your PostgreSQL with for Free


PolyScale is a serverless caching solution that makes your database faster without having to worry about configuring/maintaining it.

It makes your query faster globally by optimizing it using AI (fully autonomous caching and invalidation)

Currently, it has support for major relational databases like MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, MySQL, GraphQL

And integrating it with your database won't take even 1 minute 😍

All you have to do is configure your actual database host and port and it'll generate a new connection string and we just need to use it instead of our own database.

How does it work?

Basically, it's a global database cache as a service. It takes care of handling infrastructure and optimizing it.

Under the hood, it proxies our source database and queries (SQL SELECT) are cached geographically close to users for better performance. And all other traffic (INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE) are simply passed to our source database.

And the best part, you can use the PolyScale's database connection string as with any client.

Benefits - TLDR

  • Increased Query Performance
  • Lowered global latency
  • Reduced database infrastructure costs
  • Increase engineering productivity
  • High availability and fault tolerance


In their, Pay As You Go plan, we get 5 GB Free Egress / Month and post that it's $0.30/ GB

They also have a Pro plan as well where we get 375 GB Egress / Month for $99/ mon


Happy caching database!