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Installing qpdf in Your n8n Self-Hosted Environment


qpdf is an open-source tool to manipulate PDFs. We can do lot of things like removing password, adding password, splitting, merging, etc

Let's see how to install that in n8n (self hosted docker) so that we can use it in our workflows.

All we need to do is install the CLI in our docker file

FROM n8nio/n8n

RUN apk add --no-cache qpdf

# rest of the things

CMD ["n8n", "start"]

That's pretty much it. Now we should be able to access the CLI using the "Execute Command" workflow.

For example, this is the command that I've used to remove passwords from a binary file

qpdf --decrypt --replace-input "/tmp/hello.pdf" --password="password"

Note: I've faced permission issue if I use other path like /data hence using /tmp instead.

Happy playing-with PDFs