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July 06, 2019

I’ve always wanted to start my own startup since my eighth grade (2007). And after years and years of just fantasying I’ve finally taken action and did it. Here’s why & how I did it.

While incorporating, choosing legal entity structure might be little hard. I initially though of registering a Private Limited company but at the final stage I decided to go with Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) because of the following reasons:


  • Separate Legal Entity for business
  • To learn about how to operate business
  • Build Creditability

What I Need?

  • Less compliance & easily maintainable
  • Easy to take money from business for personal use
  • More tax advantageous
  • Keep running business as minimal as possible (less bookkeeping)

What I don’t need?

  • Investments from Angel / VC
  • Employees
  • Mandatory Auditing by CA (initially)

Based on this and researching online I decided to go with LLP itself. I’ll be writing a detailed post about it soon.

What’s involved in starting a company?

I decided to go with ClearTax for LLP Registration which includes all the things that I need.

cleartax llp package

Once I’ve bought the package they’ve assigned me a CA and he took care of almost everything. All I’ve to do is send documents that is required at each step.

And after couple of weeks. My startup got incorporated

MoC NesinTech

TLDR: Business Plan

My startup focuses on helping you to automate your business workflow so that you can focus on what really matters the most

(I’ll be writing a detailed post of all the steps involved in the incorporation process soon)

👋 I'm Ashik Nesin • Sr. Frontend Engineer @Chargebee 👨‍💻• I write about modern Javascript & building web apps

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