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Simplify Your Git Commands with Git Alias


Ever wanted to improve the git workflow that you use every day?

Run a single command instead of running very long multiple commands.

For such cases, having a git alias could be a better choice.

What is Git Alias?

Just like the name suggests, we can set an alias for any command in git.

And so instead of running a long and complicated command. You can run short command instead.

In our case, we'll have a git save alias that will take care of committing the current change with a default commit message.

How to set a new Git alias?

We need to use the git config command with the alias.<new_alias_name> option.


git config --global "!git add -A && git commit -m 'chore: commit save point'"

After running that command it'll be configured in your global git config (~/.gitconfig)

From now on we can just run git save to save our changes instead of running multiple commands.

Happy better workflows!