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How to Disable GitHub Copilot for Markdown Files in VS Code


Recently, I've started using GitHub Copilot after a long time. And as expected the quality of the suggestions has improved a lot since the technical preview.

However, it is more of a distraction for me when I write a blog post.

It splits out the whole blog post as suggestions one after the other. (Feels like cheating in the exam)

I'm writing the blog in for fun. No obligation and I don't even make a single dollar from it.

And using AI to completely write the blog post feels like a wrong approach for my case.

So I've disabled it for markdown files in VS Code.

Here's how I did it:

Apparently, we can do it pretty easily by configuring settings.json itself.

You can open the "Preferences: Open User Settings" in the command palette or with the keyboard shortcut Cmd + P

Just add the following configuration:

  "github.copilot.enable": {
    "*": true,
    "markdown": false,
    "mdx": false,
    "md": false

Happy ignoring suggestions!