How to Convert RegEx to String and String to RegEx in JavaScript

April 08, 2022

Recently, I ran into a problem where I wanted to pass RegEx via api.

The problem is that regular expressions are not JSON serializable. So if we try to convert a object that has RegEx to JSON, the regex item will be ignored.

For example,

const config = {
  regex: /graph\.facebook\.com/i,
// 👉 '{"denyUrls":{}}'


One way to overcome this is to convert the RegEx to string.

const config = {
  regex: '/',
// 👉 '{"regex":"\/graph\.facebook\.com\/i"}'

And then convert the string back to RegEx.

We can use regex-parser package for parsing a string as regular expression under the hood.

// npm install regex-parser
const RegexParser = require('regex-parser');
const config = JSON.parse('{"regex":"/"}');
config.regex = RegexParser(config.regex);
// 👉 {regex: /}

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