How To Change Font in Sublime Text 3

May 07, 2021

It’s 2 AM.

You just found a bug in the project which needs to be fixed before you meet your client tomorrow morning.

You know what causing that bug.

Heck, You even know how to fix it.

And you fire up your text editor to make few changes.

Unless you’re a programmer or hacker from some Hollywood movie. You’re going to have a hard time to read your own code (maybe someone’s code).

Number ZERO might seem like letter O.

Text might be too small to read.

Bad anti-aliasing.

I’m sure you would have experienced it. Don’t you?

Let’s see how to use a custom font in sublime text. In this post, I’m going to use hack font but the procedure is same for all fonts.

Step #1: Install font in your system

Well, hack font is open source so need not to worry about licence and other stuff.

Head over to hack font (or site of whatever font you want to use)… Download it… Install it…

Prefer to install using Terminal?

Great… Here’s brew formula for hack font.

brew tap caskroom/fonts
brew cask install font-hack

Step #2: Change Preference in Sublime Text

Open the Sublime Text settings file:

  • Mac OS X: Sublime Text 3 > Preferences > Settings - User
  • Windows: Preferences > Settings - User
  • Linux: Preferences > Settings - User

And paste the following lines

"font_face": "Hack",
"font_size": 15

That’s it…

How’s your Sublime Text looking now?

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