TIL: Why does Axios is ignoring Content-Type header?

September 28, 2022


If the payload is empty. Then axios explictly ignores the ‘Content-Type’ even if we set it while making the request or an interceptor/default.

And the story behind it

When playing around with Spring Boot REST API, I tried to integrate it with boilerplate that we’re building at work.

As expected, I ran into CORS issue.

After fixing it, I thought everything should work as expected however I’ve started getting 405 error instead.

I just quickly went through the UI codebase and saw we were setting Content-Type as application/json but for some reason, it was getting ignored.

Tried to set common “Content-Type” as application/json using interceptor. No luck.

So what was the issue?

Apparently, I was wrongly setting the payload for POST request and it was empty when making the request. And axios is explictly ignores Content-Type if the payload is empty.


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